zero waste shopping

I went out early one morning with mason jars clinking in my backpack, barely cushioned by the produce bag they were in. 

zero waste shopping | seekthewelfare

As it was my first dive into bringing my own containers, I kept my list short. My first stop was the bulk section where I snagged olive oil, white vinegar, and corn starch (for a future project recipe). The trickiest bit was remembering the product numbers to put on the corresponding jar.

Next, I hopped over to the produce, skipped the plastic bags, and snagged tomatoes and celeriac. Done and done.

Once home, things were even easier. I simply used a funnel to re-fill the olive oil and white vinegar. I was nervous about getting too much and not being able to fit it all into the jars, but the only one that I had too much of was the white vinegar, and that was a cinch as I just made more cleaning spray on the spot.

And that was that. The only waste generated during the trip was the stickers on the tomatoes. Oh! And the two feet of tape I used to try and get the product numbers right. Better luck next time.