harvesting aloe

harvesting aloe | seekthewelfare
A ways back I received an aloe plant. She was growing yellow and needed some tough love; mainly chopping most of her roots off. Well, it worked and recently she's gotten quite pushy; picking fights with the other plants and getting into their personal space...things like that. It was time for a trim.

Not wanting all of the wonderful aloe to go to waste, I gathered it up into a little bottle which now resides in the fridge.

The procedure is simple. Simply cut the outer leaves off at the base, filet each leaf, and scrape the gel off of the green outer leaf with a spoon.

Everyone seems quite a bit happier with the new arrangement. Gertrude (after once again having a wad of her roots removed) has plenty of breathing room, the other plants can sit on the sill without fear again, and I have a lovely little bottle of aloe waiting for me to come home from work with another welting burn on my arm from our temperamental 107 year old oven.

Life is good.