cucumber sandwiches

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Cucumber sandwiches are tea-time lore. It seems as though books are always referencing the little bites. Of note (and a particular favorite of mine) is Oscar Wilde's play Importance of Being Earnest. Unfortunately, they traditionally rely on white, wonder-like bread to claim sandwich status. But I have dearly missed that fresh, slightly bland crunch that makes me feel as though a tea spread is complete and official. But...

IMG_6663 more! Thanks to a stroke of genius by Katie Jay (ever the creator of delicious sandwiches), I can eat cucumber sandwiches to my heart's content and they needn't be bland at all.

With tuna, diced pickles and jalapenos, and a pinch of Farmbox Greens from the farmer's market, they're filled with protein and flavor while still retaining that crunchiness I love so much.

I don't think I'll ever go back to white bread cucumber sandwiches. These are just too good.