our sick box

our sick box | seekthewelfare

We get sick. Somewhat often. With the extra work our bodies have to do to function, our immune systems are not the best. But, we have a secret weapon: the sick box.

It is filled with little comforts, remedies, and a good dose of nostalgia.


gelatin packets (for jello)
packages wrapped up and ready for opening
a coloring book crayons (of course)
rice warming bag
a tea candle
"wow juice" (apple cider vinegar)
playmobile tissues
read aloud books
cold and pain medicine

The benefits of the sick box have been many, the strongest of which for me being the comfort of knowing that it's there for rainy, painful, uncomfortable days.

An unexpected perk of having a sick box? It's the perfect thing to pull out when little kids come over.