double chocolate chip cookies

double chocolate chip cookies | seekthewelfare

Sixth grade was not a pleasant experience -- social anxiety, new people, new places, completely out of my depth -- I arrived home every day exhausted, mostly terrified, and wrapped in splitting headaches. It was about that time that I decided to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe...a past time that has gripped many who are looking for distraction and one that I threw myself into. Batch after batch, my come-and-go pursuit carried me through junior high school. More whipping here, less egg there...I still have the recipe, untouched now since my health collapsed in high school. Still not perfect, but that is one of the joys of the endeavor after all -- the next batch could be even better.

Sadly, I can no longer eat those cookies myself and goodness have I been hankering for a therapy batch of cookies lately -- that crisp, sugar-crust edge, eating them one small bite at a time, the melting curl of a chocolate chip.

While I haven't been able to discover a me-safe cookie recipe with that magical crunch, I did find these yesterday that go above and beyond in filling the recent chocolate chip void in my life.

The recipe is from Gourmande in the Kitchen which you can find here. I halved it and had twelve cookies even after eating a (hearty) amount of dough. As she says, they are quick to over bake...I decided to finish a row of knitting before pulling out my first batch and, though still amazing and filled with gooey chocolate wells, the second batch was even better. This was true despite my lack of both cookie sheet and parchment paper. My trusty glass casserole dish worked beautifully.

From sitting and longing for chocolate chip cookies to eating the first couple baked ones over the kitchen counter, my hand lifted to guard against chocolate drips...just right with the grey outside.