brown bag boxes

brown bag boxes | seekthewelfare

the tricky bit

As we have settled into this little apartment, some of the corners have begun to tumble into precarious stacks or slowly slipped into dark holes. Handkerchiefs, hats, and bicycle helmets were tossed together in the closet and every time I refilled the pepper, I was groping about and finding everything but. However, money for boxes or containers has not been in the budget, not to mention the annoyance of trying to find the right size to fit each space.

the make do

Enter...paper grocery bags! Something I could easily manipulate and which we already had. In the course of the nine months living here in the city, I've collected fifteen or so paper bags. Several of them have gone to carry our recyclables down stairs but six or so remained. Using aunt peaches' idea I folded the tops of the bags down and around the bodies instead of simply cutting them to height, thereby strengthening the sides as well as giving them a clean blank edge.

I then happily flitted about the apartment filling one with spices and tea, another with handkerchiefs, another with closet bits and bobs. Now, a simple swipe is all it takes to put any spice I might need on the counter; the food I am not supposed to eat is hidden away yet easily accessible for Katie Jay. We needn't worry about upsetting a precarious stack of bandannas if all we wanted was a pair of gloves.

Needless to say, I'm quite pleased.