apricot compote

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The farmer's markets are brimming with fruit right now. With the heat, each wave of produce has come earlier and earlier. Cherries, then strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, followed by peaches, apricots, and now melons. There is no hoarding, or storing away, or keeping for a special occasion. They must be eaten. And quickly. The end of a market sees fruit growers trading or giving boxes to the rest of us vendors for their weekly groceries or a travel-back bite.

So, as I bumbled around the kitchen early one morning after deciding that pancakes could actually be worth the extra trouble, I came across a bowl of royal apricots sitting on the counter next to the peaches and apricots from the previous week. I'd been craving jam. Cinnamon is good with apricot. That was the entirety of the thought process.

makes a fourth cup


One cup fresh ripe apricots, pulled in half with the stones removed
Drizzle of honey

Place small pan (crepe size) on medium low heat. Drizzle honey over your apricot halves and gently turn over to get a little bit of honey on each half. Pour onto the warmed pan. Let sit until a syrup begins to gather. Watch and turn the apricots occasionally for a while as they soften and begin to jam.

Perfect pairing: make your compote while you're grilling your pancakes. They take about the same amount of time.

Remove the pan from the heat when two-thirds of the apricots have lost their structure. Serve on pancakes with cinnamon and honey or however else you would like.

By a sunny window if at all possible.