cantaloupe freeze

cantaloupe freeze | seekthewelfare

Right at the end of the farmer's market, I managed to dash down to the opposite end and pick out a cantaloupe from Tonnemaker Family Orchards. The cool skin and heady scent nearly made me promise on the spot to never eat a cantaloupe out of season again. And once we opened it for Sunday morning breakfast? It proved rich, vibrant, and almost candy sweet. The juice poured out across the cutting board.

Clearing the breakfast dishes, I remembered a sorbet my mother made earlier this summer. Scooping out the last of the soft orange flesh, I popped it into the freezer and waited a couple days. It turns out that not eating all of the fruit was the hardest part of making this freeze. I broke the scoops apart, popped them into a blender, put in a couple glugs of cranberry juice, and voila. A sprig of mint? A drizzle of honey perhaps? I do suggest scooping it out of the blender before eating it so you can enjoy the color, but other than that, you're done!

makes two servings

1 1/2 c frozen, ripe cantaloupe scooped from the rind
1/4 c unsweetened cranberry juice

Blend until smooth, adding more cranberry juice if necessary to get a consistent texture. Serve immediately with a sprig of mint if desired.