seattle coffee works

Downtown, Seattle

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Without the heavy heat of the previous week, it proved a particularly pleasant jaunt down off the hill to stop in at Seattle Coffee Works. Planted right in the bustle of Pike Place Market, tourists as well as businessmen and locals can be found trying to snag one of the few leather chairs or picking up the thread-bare copies of Shakespeare and old encyclopedias on the low shelves.

The double doors open onto a large space that somehow feels airy and cozy all at once. Some time in February I found myself there alone with the entire place to myself, drinking the most delightful hot ginger tea I had ever tasted (except for this one that I made at four am...).  But, equally delightful, was the afternoon in May, just as the weather was turning sticky and hot, when I reveled in an all-fruit smoothie. All fruit. Nothing else. A rare luxury indeed for sugar-free types like myself.

But what really makes me feel at home? You can ask one of the baristas about what beans and roasts they have available and they will tell you -- tasting notes and brew-methods included.


water // because I can hardly ever get enough nowadays what with working in 90+ degree temperatures for seven hours a day.

After gathering our drinks, we snagged a table out on the patio and watched stories go by. The large, tall friend of their father who terrified them but who insisted on handshakes and hugs all around. The code-switching couple next to us who kept forgetting to keep their secrets private. The street-activist who managed to keep a woman captivated for thirty minutes as he spoke with conviction and assertive hand-gestures.

Too quickly we had to return our dishes to the bus bin and walk our separate ways.