breakfast at the market these days

If you've been wondering why I haven't been posting menu plans, it is because I haven't been writing them. With the fields all around Seattle bursting with early spring produce, our fridge is bursting with sweet vegetables, berries, and snap peas. And of course a little bit of kale. And some summer squash. 

farmer's market gold| seekthewelfare

Never knowing what we'll end up with Saturday afternoon and Wednesday night after market, food has become a wonderful random of mystery greens, oddly shaped carrots, and whatever else we can chop into bite-sized pieces. Fresh berries or blended frozen banana makes dessert. Good thing too as I haven't felt particularly inspired to stand over a hot stove these past few weeks because of the heat. High 80s and 90s doesn't sound hot for many of you I'm sure but without air conditioning but for a few bars and the movie theater, there aren't many places you can escape the stickiness.

I've been enjoying the sun and the change of pace; walking slower and learning the dance of when to open the windows. However, I will not complain when the misty clouds return. I want to see the mountains again.