comforting fall menu

Here is a menu filled with old favorites in new ways that still remain familiar.

comforting fall menu | seekthewelfare


> AM // start yogurt, cook down tomato juice, make hummus
> Stone Soup


> AM // defrost bacon for M, make spinach lemon basil pesto [Eat Well Feel Well, 75]
> roasted + stuffed acorn squash [similar]
> spicy honey-roasted squash seeds* [Coffee & Quinoa]

* an exciting balance of sweet and spicy somewhere between savory and honey-nut cheerios.


> AM // hard boil 4 eggs (eat 2 for breakfast, save 2 for PM), make vegetable stock [Eat Well Feel Well, 56], bake cranberry orange muffins [similar]
> cavolini al forno* [Nom Nom Paleo, 147 or here]

* a fascinating new combination of favorite flavors


> AM // soak split peas over night for W, roast butternut squash for W
> pistou with pesto [Eat Well Feel Well, 64, or similar]


> AM // defrost ground beef for Th
> split pea soup with yogurt [similar]


> stuffed zuchini [Breaking the Vicious Cycle, 114, or similar]


> watercress + cauliflower puree with parmesan crackers [Eat Well Feel Well, 61]