chocolate banana pancakes

chocolate banana pancakes | seekthewelfare

It wasn't until my senior year of college that I was able to fully dive into eating in such a way that doesn't hurt my body. While I gloried in the new freedom of experimentation and flexibility, I also found that it took a great deal of my time. Breakfasts (and lunches) had to be quick, easy, and filling, especially on the many days when I had twelve hours of classes and work before I could return home again. While I did get really fast at making a good omelette stuffed with veggies and cheese, I also refined my process for banana pancakes. Not only are they elegantly sweet, but they also proved cheap and efficient.

Now I find myself with a little more time in the mornings as I don't start work until noon, but I still want those nutrition-high breakfasts. So, along came this recipe packed with antioxidants, potassium, fiber, the power of almonds, and a dash of indulgence.

...and of course a dash of local sweetness from seattle urban honey, run by my former maths and science teachers from High School. I've been hoarding this jar since December when they ran out of honey and I can't wait for them to return again in the spring. I used the same honey, harvested on the UW campus, in the raspberry jam I cooked up earlier in the week.

Quick, easy, filling, and decadent. They really come alive with the added depth of raspberries.

Original recipe

2 medium, very ripe bannas 3 eggs

mash, blend, and whisk until smooth

2 T cocoa powder 2 T honey 1/2 c almond meal 2 T coconut flour

sift into banana mixture and whisk until combined heat pan/griddle over medium heat oil the pan with butter or coconut oil drop dough in 1/4 c scoops flip when the edges lift easily from the pan

enjoy hot from the pan with a dab of raspberry jam