work week menu

An easy-to-manage menu for a busy work week filled with plenty of snacks and flavors.

Paleo, SCD

work week menu


> Stone Soup


> AM // cook tomatoes for PM // defrost hamburger for M
Ratatoilli from [scroll down]


> AM // white bean tortillas from ForeverSCD // yogurt // family recipe Tomato Sauce [similar] for PM
Hummus* from Almost Autism
> Sloppy Joes modified from Canada Girl Eats Paleo [tomato sauce for paste and ketchup, honey for molasses]

* This has become a staple condiment for us after a single jar.


> AM // peanut butter cookies [similar] // cook butternut squash for PM // defrost pork chops for W > spicy tuna cakes by Nom Nom Paleo [page 183]


> AM // southern biscuits* by Grain Free Baking as seen on A Girl Worth Saving
> pork chops following the Kitchn method
> green beans [improv]
> southern biscuits with hummus

eaten with the hummus it almost tasted like it had yeast in it. ** everything about this day was simple and delicious.


> AM // soak beans overnight for Th
shrimp scampi with zoodles by Just a Taste


> AM // crockpot oriental chili [family recipe]