analog coffee

Capitol Hill, Seattle

analog coffee | seekthewelfare

Monday. A day off. We left the apartment and walked in a random direction. Dictated only by which trees were blooming the most beautifully and which street corners had camper vans on them. We twisted and turned through neighborhood blocks, stopping only for a particularly fascinating old brick building or to catch our breath after seeing the mountains, sharp and snow-crusted in the distance. We determined to stop only if we saw the perfect little coffee shop. The sun was too clear and the air too crystal to stop moving for little else. As we turned yet another unfamiliar corner, we found Analog Coffee sitting, waiting for us, tucked in among apartment buildings and blooming cherry trees. We swung open the door.

On entering, the tall, white, shaker walls enfolded us along with a cloud of energetic music. A milk pail charm fills the space. Clean as a whistle yet delightfully creaky, the old weathered window frames and propped up pictures spoke of years of a refreshing use-what-you've-got mentality.

analog coffee | seekthewelfare

The barista chatted with the customer just in front of us, his red cap a pop of olor in the white, grey, and wood warmth.  I gazed about as KatieJay looked at the coffee bean bags lined up on the shelf. I couldn't find a tea menu.

We ordered, gathered our mugs and the little teapot, pointed the slow bar out to each other, and sat in the large window, soaking in some of the last of the warm sunshine.

americano // prickly with a see-through hazelnut flavor which rounded out as it cooled. did not at all diminish the enjoyment of the space.

peppermint tea // clean, sweet, and soothing. delightfully sip-able. loose leaf served in a two-cup white ceramic tea pot.

Dangling my feet above the bar of the metal stool, I hugged the cup in my hands and enjoyed the quiet. We chatted back and forth. The music stopped. I turned around and watched the barista slip the old record back on the shelf, pull out a new one, and start it spinning. Still twisted around, I began to notice the other people filtering through - a couple at a back table, two men sitting on the couch by the window, friends sitting next to us at the bar. Their decidedly urban appearances and the edgier industrial vibe of the exposed piping in the ceiling balanced the small-town innocence of the space without destroying it.

Warm coffee, delightful tea, a clean fresh space in which to think. Not perfect, but friendly, close, and welcoming. It will be the perfect place to pop in to come the summer months. The big open windows and surrounding trees will keep us from having to decide between sitting in the sun and enjoying a warm drink.