walla walla

With a guest in the apartment and steak for dinner once again, KatieJay slipped across the street to find a wine for the double purpose of making the reduction sauce and enjoying a glass with the meal.

AROMA // slight cough syrup rounded out with a sweet natural cherry

MOUTH FEEL // sits perched on the front middle of your tongue and then quickly washes away

TASTING NOTES // closely followed the profile of the aroma with an added tinge of orange and clove.

This time we sat down after minimal pillow waving thanks in part to our preemptive action of opening the windows and turning on the fan. Sitting down, we all inhaled the complex scent of the steak and wine in the cast iron pan at the table, the green freshness of rosemary shining through.

Unsurprisingly with its price range and young age, this merlot is not the best drinking wine. With its watery finish, there was little to say except that when you hold it up to the light, “it’s kind of pretty from certain angles.”

However, it proved to be a fantastic cooking wine that bloomed into a full range of flavors that held its own and played beautifully through the steak juices, onion, and butter.