milstead & co.

Fremont, Seattle

With sunshine streaming through the large windows behind us, we stood in line wondering what we would come across this time.

milstead & co. | seekthewelfare

Milstead & Co. became our favorite coffee shop almost immediately upon arriving in Seattle. You can never be sure what you're going to get because they pick roasts from many different roasters, basing their decision on which beans are at peak season at the time. With KatieJay's brother in town, we were looking for a treat. Besides, I hadn't tried the tea yet. Investigation was required.

While Nick's aeropress was settling into its cup and Katie stood with her Americano, the barista reached back and pulled down one of a row of vintage blue mason jars. Twisting the lid open with a pop, he filled a tea bag with a spoonful and slipped it into a mug steaming with hot water. Smiling into my tea, I followed the others out of the cozy, spacious room and out onto the cool breezy patio.

milstead & co. | seekthewelfare

Watching the George Washington Memorial Bridge stretch itself across the water, we took our first sips.

Americano // light but not thin. lime sour settles in the back of your mouth with a clean, bright nutty finish that lingers.

Rooibos // a full, round loose leaf that proved fresh, clean, and cozy. not a single note of bitterness. The teabag was filled just right and not tied too tightly.

I could hardly believe how good the tea was. Here we were, with good coffee and good tea, in a beautiful place. It is most likely a good thing that it is further away from our apartment than we can reasonably go on a regular basis.

Overall? A sparse asthetic combined with good coffee and good tea too far away.