st. johns bar & eatery

capitol hill, seattle 


We walked down the dripping street past the glowing lights of Broadway and slipped into an informal, edgy, yet structured space. Seating ourselves, we looked about at the large blank spaces on the grey walls broken up by sparse black frames.

Karla's homemade watercolors are created using canibus ashes applied to recycled plastic

Taking off our coats, we settled in and asked for water. A muffled bustle leaked over the partial-wall to the kitchen and blended with the quiet rock playing in the background. The dim yellow light and exposed electric gave an old-city, industrial hum to the place.

Looking over the not-extensive but well-crafted menu, I began to get excited. Two hard-boiled eggs with pickles...grilled guajillo steak salad....burgers with Beecher's flagship melted onto them. So many items that could be tweaked to fit the scdiet. It didn't take me long to settle on what I wanted.

Kale & Brussel Sprout Salad // with dried cranberries removed, the only cheat is the dressing.

Crispen Hard Apple Cider // cool, crisp, and delightful...decidedly on the sweet side while still maintaining a slightly fermented bite

Leaning our elbows on the warm wood tables, we waited for our food to arrive, sipped on first drinks, and discussed the effect of the delightfully mismatched chairs scattered around the tables. As soon as our food was brought, we dropped into a deep, contemplative silence, all focused on the scents, flavors, and textures set before us. The salad proved to be well-rounded even without the added kick of sweet and tart from the cranberries I had asked to be left out and the cheese, tart dressing, and toasted hazelnuts complimented each other perfectly in texture, taste, and color.

Our food gone but still enjoying the space, we sat, talked, and watched as the late dinner crowd began to filter in, filling the space as the music became louder. Quiet conversation becoming difficult, we grabbed the check.

Once again finding ourselves on the street outside, I glanced back. It looked dark, though cozy, and I was already reminding myself to write the salad’s ingredients down when we got home.