columbia valley

After a long, meandering day full of errands on foot and government documentation, our limbs were full of sun. The apartment warmed up faster than usual from the heat of the stove warming up for the steaks, the smell of hot cast iron spreading around the edges. One last evening of quiet before another work week. Red wine was made for evenings like this.

AROMA | cherry cough syrup, toffee

MOUTH FEEL | hefty tannin

TASTE NOTES | citrus peel, sharp pine, light cough syrup

Though not my favorite sipping wine due to its bitterness, it is absolutely delicious with Cacao-Rubbed Steak by The Domestic Man. After a small flurry of open windows and flailing pillows, the apartment didn't even smell like smoke and our throats stopped burning from the cayenne we'd used instead of chili powder. Besides...the food and wine tasted all the better for having gotten our blood pumping faster.