a combined household

A friend found herself in need of a home for her plants. It is such a gift and a treasure to receive these beautiful creatures that she and her husband have cared for so well these past few years. We have swapped several clippings and shoots in the past and some of the fully grown plants that I carried across Seattle began their lives right here in our apartment!

2018-05-13 11.08.30.jpg
2018-05-13 11.09.10.jpg
2018-05-13 11.07.38.jpg

i finally learned how to throw pottery...

...and I'm happily filling up my kitchen cabinets with imperfect glazes, wonky edges, and beautifully organic shapes.


Learning to throw has been a very long time coming. I've known I've wanted to invest in hand-thrown dishes for several years now and I've been in love with the idea of learning to throw for as long as I can remember. 

2018-05-12 14.02.22.jpg
2018-05-12 14.05.31.jpg

It's hard to describe how healing this process feels...taking a cold lump of clay, asserting power and care and a whole lot of willpower, and ending up with something beautiful that I can (and do) use everyday.  There is so much excitement, delight, and peace wrapped up in that.


first cafe showing

My paintings are out in public and I'm surprised that I'm not more queasy. It's an odd feeling, this nervous pride. I'm not exactly sure what to do with it so I've decided to just call it excited and enjoy it.

My biggest takeaway? SO much easier than putting on a play.


If you'd like to see this series of watercolors in person, you can head over to Nuflours Bakery on Capitol Hill. Best brownies, killer donuts.

closet refresh

Closets are generally difficult to keep in hand and, with only one between us, half of that being taken over by the water heater, and odds and ends from my small business tucked here and there, it was time to take some drastic measures. And I must say...I have never loved the simplicity of wooden crates and a simple cork board more. A crate for each category, a hook for each necklace, and late-afternoon February sun doused over the whole.