herbs and spices

We have organized our spices in several ways over the years…from a pull-out bin of plastic zip bags and jars under the counter, to just jars lined up along the top of the counter, to the same jars laid out next to one another filling an entire drawer. This solution though? This solution will stay. I love it more every time I use it.


It’s extremely easy to set up. Just order the number of jars you want (I use the 2oz size) and make sure they include metal lids (we chose white ones to blend in with the fridge). Then get two magnets for each jar, pop them on the inside of the lid, fill it with spices, write the name on the bottom with an oil paint pen, and pop it on the fridge! The hard part is figuring out how you want to organize them…color? Texture? Country of origin? We’ve landed on a general grouping of flavor profile…salty together, herbal together, spicy together, sweet together, and on.


In our kitchen, having them on the fridge means they are right next to the stove where we use them most. While spice purists would likely tell you to store them away from such a large heat source (or any heat source), we find that with the 2oz jars, we tend to go through the herbs and spices quickly enough that we don’t have to worry about their flavors fading. Especially because they’re so close to where we cook and we can see all of them at a glance and so use them a lot more than if they were tucked away in a drawer or cabinet.

Then, when they run out as they happily do often, I just take the jar with me to our local bulk store and fill them up again. Just as much as we need, no more, no less. Easy as could be.

our little treehouse

The last of the January light always pools on the apartment floor in the morning, finally growing warm after two months of sharp chill. This has been yet another unseasonably warm month which has added spring bulbs, profuse jasmine flowering, and birdsong to these first days of the year.

2019-01-26 13.50.03.jpg

This little place feels as though it has finally found its balance. There are no more tricks or trials, everything fits together just so, and provides all of the functions we want. Except the biggest one, which is collaborating with other artists and comfortably seating more than four people.

But, looking around, for these past four years and all that we’ve done and seen and discovered, we couldn’t have asked for a better nest.

The loft my father and I built has decidedly had the most impact. Especially now that we have finally gotten a little club chair to go underneath. A tray slipped next to the chair can be pulled out and placed on the bed so that morning reading can include coffee or tea.

It isn’t until I go back to previous pictures of our kitchen that I realize how much has changed. It’s been a slow, quiet, yet deliberate shift towards wood, ceramic, terracotta, white, and green. We’ve now created so many of the things we use day to day from dishes to the utensil pot to our ramekins that the whole place feels alive.

I will absolutely mourn leaving this place. It’s been the first space that I got to craft with someone else and discover the synergy of weaving two lives together. I will miss the simplicity of cleaning such a small space and being able to reach anything I might want in five steps or less. I will miss walking out onto the street on a cold day and heading off towards a favorite haunt. I will miss being two blocks from some of the best fresh produce in the city.

I will not miss the panicked feeling of my heart syncing to the leather bar’s incessant bass while I’m trying to fall asleep. I will not miss being heckled by neighbors or having my packages opened. I will not miss the oppressive summer heat magnified by the glass, concrete, and smokey surround of the city.

But this place. This little piece of the city that we’ve cared for, crafted, and loved…I will miss this little treehouse dearly.

we're going on a house hunt

January brings sharp cold air, fresh starts, new semesters, and, this year, a big dollop of house hunting.

I’ve been working on finding/building/making/conjuring a house for a few years now. I haven’t said much before because it’s always been just about to disappear. But now, with an income that banks consider as existing (turns out contract pay does NOT count) and pre-approval under my belt, it’s time.

With the majority of the planning done it’s down to actually doing things now and the stress has definitely gotten to me. There are big, many-years-compounded dreams for what this home will become and a few adults besides myself who will call it home BUT! It’s one of those times when I can lean in hard on the joy of being cared for by someone way bigger than me who has my (and my loved ones) best interest in mind.

I have also been coping with spreadsheets. Lots of spreadsheets. Color coded ones too, which always gives my heart an extra little flutter of joy.

So here I sit with a candle burning, my tea brewing, pretty markers to play with, refreshing the MLS feed and dwelling in the gift and comfort of knowing that all will be well…all manner of things will be well.

decorating for christmas

Here in our little apartment, the Christmas box comes down from high in the coat closet the day after Thanksgiving. After hunting down our tree with biscotti and apple cider and decorating my parent’s tree with decorations and memories collected over decades, we climb our stairs with our own tree and begin decorating. As this is our fourth Christmas here, it’s a cozy, predictable affair with a Christmas record on and a warm dinner in the oven.

i miss them


Two of my dear friends are traveling across the country and will likely be gone for another four or five months. I miss them.

I miss the rhythms of artist dates, wandering conversations, and comfortable silence.

They will return, but in the meantime,

I miss them.