a hygge bridal shower

wandering the coast

The first road trip with my truck. Yet another childhood dream fulfilled - wandering down the coast, each stop bringing me to the homes of those I love and cherish.

I have experienced few things more lovely than the quiet nest of the truck, filled with my pillows and bed sheets from home, the curtains softly glowing from my flashlight.

Few things have thrilled my soul more than to finally drive the Big Sur Coast myself.

And certainly. There were a couple days of inter-state driving - hot and sweaty in a truck without air conditioning. But it will always be worth it when it gives me access to the humans that I love and the coast-line that is in my blood.

While I have come to learn that I don’t like traveling alone, I soaked up the benefits of solo travel this trip by stopping, backing up to Oregon’s beach cliffs, opening the hatch, curling up in my sleeping bag, and breathing in the deep sea breeze while letting thoughts wander in and out as they pleased.

warm jam

After a very difficult day we sat in the kitchen, took our time making our dinners, and talked through big thoughts. As the light faded behind the pine trees I began to notice that H. was stirring a huge bubbling pot of jam.


She grinned, turned away, and came back around with the loveliest glass jar. It fits perfectly in two hands. “It’s the house jam jar! So few of us can eat cookies…so instead we have a jam jar we’ll keep stocked!”


It was one of the moments when I felt how beautiful this place we’re working hard to create can be.

Late that night I padded downstairs, carefully turned each dark corner, and flipped the kitchen light on. I pulled the still-warm jar out of the fridge and put a couple spoon fulls into a little dish I found for just such an occasion.