for roommate who is traveling

excerpts from a southwest travel journal

This past August I found myself driving from Santa Fe New Mexico to Seattle Washington via the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. One of my dear friends is a props artisan, upholsterer, and fine artist who works at operas around the country (if you need any upholstery, murals, or staging done, give her a call. She’s one of the best). After her third year at the world famous Santa Fe Opera, I flew out and we drove home together.

As there wasn’t much room in my pack after getting the tent, sleeping bag, and camp kitchen into it (we camped the whole way ), I decided to leave my camera at home and paint my way home instead. A revelatory experience. I highly recommend it. Here are excerpts from that journal.

long term projects


Every once in awhile I start projects that I know will take me years to finish.

As someone who much prefers the instant gratification of a two to three day creation, I find it to be an important balance.

Currently, my long term project is a beekeeper’s quilt, following Tiny Owl Knits pattern. Because I want to make a twin-sized blanket, it could take a very…very…very long time. But, as I have adored hexagons for a decade or more, have a beautiful selection of sock yarn from a friend, and am quite motivated to make another warm blanket, it’s looking good for finishing.

If I end up making a scarf instead, you all are welcome to send me back to this post so we can all have a laugh about it.

school mornings


Waking up to the sound and smell of hand-ground coffee.
Warm socks waiting for me next to the bed.
Clothes set out and ready.
The kettle whistling on the stove.
Leftovers put in glass jars.
Flickering candles with breakfast.
Roommate sketching and reading across the table.
The door clicking closed as I wrap my scarf tighter.